Hi, my name is Byron Roth. I work with motivated business owners just like you who want to be more strategic in their business role, find new ways to grow their business and regain control over their lives and their future.

No worries. I bring together like-minded people, a peer board of experienced business owners to help you grow your business. The time you spend with the peer group is about helping you and the others in the group achieve your goals and strategically think about your business. I am here to guide, advise, support, and challenge you so that you realize both your personal and your business dreams and goals.

Coach Byron Roth

Our group will help you give life to your projects and promote your products or services and enhance your business. All types of businesses are welcome to draw from our vast experience.

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Professional Bio

Byron Roth is the Owner and President of The Alternative Board (TAB) Lehigh Valley, encompassing the areas of Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton and Nazareth and other locations throughout the Lehigh Valley. TAB Lehigh Valley through the combination of advisory boards and private coaching helps forward-thinking business owners improve their business operations and regain control over their lives.

Byron has spent more than 20 years leading small, medium and large sized businesses through varied operational issues including improving competitiveness, organizational restructuring, acquisition of technology, divesting of technology and litigation within multiple categories including aftermarket service, engineering, manufacturing and project delivery.

Byron is also the owner of B Roth Consulting LLC which focuses on organizational structure evaluation and improvement recommendations, international sourcing of materials and other strategic organizational improvements.

Byron has a B.SC. in Civil Engineering from the University of Alberta and an MBA from the University of Western Ontario.