Lehigh Valley Business Cashflow Optimization Events

Lehigh Valley Business Cashflow Optimization Event

2021 Lehigh Valley Business Cashflow Optimization Event

Coach Byron Roth will be hosting a business owner’s Cashflow Optimization roundtable discussion at the Borderline Restaurant on June 29, 2021 from 8am-10am in Bethlehem.

The event will feature Dan Bobick of MoneyWorks Financial Coaching and Myself. The focus of the event will be on Optimization of business cash flow. We will have a presentation at the beginning and then an owner’s roundtable discussion on critical business issues. Our focus is on business owners and business leaders.

82% of Small Businesses Fail from Cashflow Issues Within the First 5 Years

A recent study identified that 50% of small businesses fail within the first 5 years of starting operation. Of those businesses, 82% failed due to cash flow issues. As business owners, we are continually focused on finding customers, delivering product, managing our expenditures and dealing with critical issues on a daily basis. How often are you caught by surprise when you see the bank statement or have to utilize your line of credit. Is cash flow a critical metric you measure or something that you react to? Do you plan your expenditures and thoughtfully consider those expenditures and the value to your product delivery.

We are approaching the middle of 2021, things are opening and we should all be poised to grow and capture new opportunities that present themselves. Unfortunately capturing opportunities and expanding your business requires cash. Long term business success does not require you to be obsessed with cash but it does require you to be strategic in managing and controlling how you spend your business cash and monitoring the progress of collecting on receivables.

Join us on June 29th when we will talk about fundamental strategies to manage your business cash flow. Our time together will also include a time of group learning when we discuss critical business issues that we as business owners are facing.

If you are wondering if it will be worth your time, consider feedback received from one of my last workshops this April:

I attended Byron’s Business Owner’s Workshop on April 8 and thought it was an incredibly worthwhile event. In addition to a helpful presentation given, Byron also incorporated a roundtable discussion which provided immense value to me. Though the discussion primarily focused on how to stay current with digital marketing strategy, when other themes were discussed outside of this topic, the conversation always remained important and relevant to a business owner – never did it veer off into any unproductive small talk. Furthermore, the small group setting made it such that each business owner had time to adequately express their perspective. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, each participant there had the common denominator challenge of navigating the unfamiliar terrain of a pandemic and post-pandemic economy. Because of the way in which Byron conducted the roundtable, it felt as though each attendee was able to relate to one another in a meaningful way on this shared experience.

Craig Ingber, Owner
Foreverett Stories

If you are tired of going forward alone and want to experience the power of gathering with other business owners and CEO’s you’ll want to join us on June 29th.

Breakfast will be provided as we gather in a separate room at the Borderline restaurant. The Borderline has implemented GermZone 100UV technology supplied by Keith Roe of Advanced IAQ Solutions, Inc. to provide for a safe and clean air environment for our meeting.

To Learn More and Register...

To RSVP, ask questions, and register, please contact Coach Byron Roth of The Alternative Board – Lehigh Valley at 908-391-4776.

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